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People with Disabilities and Marketing to Them

In 1995, people with disabilities spent $81.7 billion on travel. This did not include the significant expenditures of their families, friends, and escorts. (Source: Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality).

The aggregate income of people with disabilities tops $1 trillion. This includes $220 billion in discretionary income. 

Of the 69.6 million families in the United States, 20.3 million families have at least one member with a disability. 

Four out of 10 people with disabilities conduct business and personal activities online, spending an average of 20 hours per week logged on to the Internet. That's more time on average than non-disabled Web surfers spend online.
Among people with disabilities, 48% say that the Internet has significantly improved the quality of their lives. Compare this to only 27% of adults without disabilities.

According to the March 2001 supplement to the Current Population Survey, the mean earnings in 2000 of year-round, full-time workers 16 to 64 with work disabilities was $33,109. (Source: National Organization on Disability -
The most productive contributors to society are the youngest cohort: 18 to 29 year olds. For example, these younger people with disabilities are almost as likely as their non-disabled counterparts to go out to restaurants at least once per week (Compare: 59% of this group, versus 61% of non-disabled young people, eats out regularly.) (Source: National Organization on Disability -

We can help your company  reach a multi-billion dollar market of people with disabilities and their allies remain competitive and keep your business approach relevant. Then always be sure your product ideas and marketing efforts reflect the needs of the disability community

We help your company reach out to customers with disabilities through establishing contact to their organizations and the community. One in five people in the US lives with a disability. And their “Entourage” is ever bigger. The Entourage is made up of friends, family members, spouses, caregivers, and even acquaintances. These individuals support disability issues and are sensitive to the needs of this community. Every time a member of the Entourage sees an opportunity for the person they know with a disability, they tell them about it. It’s that simple and we can show you the way

It is important to make sure that your brand is diverse and inclusive by integrating to people with disabilities and using them models, actors, and spokespersons in your advertising campaigns. Stats tell us that 1 in 5 people in the US has a disability, but 1 in 3 people know someone with a disability. By placing a person using a wheelchair or man and his service dog in your advertising materials, you are speaking very loudly to the disability community. This doesn’t cost extra money. Simply cast actors with cross disabilities and we can help you with that talent pool.

What you will be saying is:  "people of all abilities are welcomed at your business"

Talent, Media and more so how do you make sure your campaign is working?

Customers will shop and dine where they feel comfortable. As with any customer segment, the best way to tap into a demographic market is to ensure it's represented in your workforce and supply chain. It makes smart business sense to include people with disabilities in the workforce

We will help you be aggressive in your recruiting efforts and be sure to include a variety of disabilities in your workforce.It is important to recognize that it has been proven that people with disabilities are more likely to patronize a business that would employ them. So Lets get started.

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